Sunday, June 06, 2010

Half way

I got my final grade report for Web Design today, which caps the last year and a half of college courses at AMU.  I is a college graduate, as the old Army saying goes.  Associates Degree in General Studies with an Emphasis in History, final GPA of 3.1.  Considering that I haven't done any formal studying since 1992, that is not too shabby.

Next up, a Bachelor's Degree in History, probably American History.  I am fond of the saying that you can't know where you are headed until you know where you have been.  That saying hits me daily as we consider how charged the political atmosphere seems today in relation to how much more charged it was in the past.

For any Gen X'ers out there trying to figure out how to pay for college, I have to tell you that there is no better way I have seen than joining the National Guard.  100% tuition reimbursement means I don't pay for school itself, and the GI Bill pays me a monthly stipend for living expenses.  In short, college is paid for with enough extra to pay the mortgage.  Can't beat that.

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