Tuesday, May 25, 2010


That is what the last three weeks have been.
Three weeks ago, I was a county co-chair with endorsed candidates for senate and two house districts.

Two weeks ago I was a co-chair looking to replace a house candidate who had to withdraw for family reasons.

One week ago I was a candidate for endorsement, tendering my resignation as co-chair.

Last night I became the endorsed candidate for HD 26A, and this morning I stood alongside dozens of other excited GOP candidates, filing with the Secretary of State and then being part of a press conference.

If it is true, what the Democrats spent last year saying, that 'elections have consequences', then maybe they are right.  It was the election of President Obama that got me off the independent fence and into the Republican Party.  I joined on Jan 20th, 2009.  Inauguration day.

Ironically, I joined the party in order to have a say in picking the candidates that the GOP puts forward.  I didn't think I would be this involved!

More to follow...


Mary said...
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Janet said...

Congratulations, David. While it happened faster than you thought, you are what we need in the legislature - common sense and someone who knows what fiscal responsibility means.

Way to go.

Anonymous said...