Monday, April 05, 2010

Tim Walz in the Strib today

The Strib ran an article about Rep Walz today and his prospects for keeping his job.  While the article plays up the difficulty the GOP will have at replacing him, the comments section was interesting in the amount of people passionately opposed to Walz.  Not that the Strib comment section is representative of anything, but it is unusual to see more than a handful of conservatives leaving comments.  Some of the better ones-

And I will help vote him out. I think all of you 'city folk' have a hard time comprehending what the feelings of the people of this district are. And they ARE AGAINST Tim Walz! They are very ANGRY that he voted party lines and did not listen to the people in his district. Come election time..."ooh, we're gonna getcha." You can count on it. GOP - PLEASE do us all a favor and DO NOT put Quist on the ballot!! Randy Demmer is much more in tune with the needs of our district.
It goes without saying that incumbent Democrats are toast and no others need apply. However, we ain't interest in any mamby pamby moderate middle of the road Republicans either. We will only elect principled conservative candidates who understand what the people want done. We want this health care thing jerked back and we want it fixed with people's input. We expect them to work tirelessly for the people who sent them to Washington to represent them. We expect a return to strict Constitutional dealings and real American values. No less is expected nor will it be tolerated. Just so you know!
Thank you Tim for being a treacherous, treasonous, traitor to your nation. What was your payoff? Nice vacation, money slipped under the table, money for some more decrepid airports like Stupak got, any chance of you telling us the truth??? I think not.

You just had a hand in bankrupting our country...and you had to know what you were doing. Your parties budget says we will be 20 trillion in the hole by 2020 and the interest on the national debt will eat up the income of ours and the next generation. These kids that pushed Obama and You into office didn't know any better but you didn't have to go along with this scheme...the polls made it clear.
I've spent many a day in his district, and have gotten to know quite a few. While they repect his military service, that isn't a guarantee to a lifelong congressional career, especially if it means kissing obama's BUTT time and time again. I predict that he will lose his seat if the GOP puts up a decent candidate. I'm not sure that Quist is the best choice, however. He may be a fair, moral, and just man, but he has not been very good at projecting that image over the years. Nevertheless, I hope that Walz loses his bid, and I am a VETERAN.

I have worked in Rochester and lived in the area for decades. At least amongst the group I hang out with he is highly politically unpopular and viewed as part of the problem in Washington. He says one thing in MN and consistently votes with Pelosi in Washington.

Vote with the socialists you are asocialist, He is done,we woke up and we are mad really mad.This not my mom and dads dfl

 I have learned (and so have many 1st District voters) that Walz will say almost anything for publication that will make him appear moderate, but vote with the far left on the critical, far reaching issues.

I, DO, live in Walz' district and WILL do anything financially and time wise, that I can to see him defeated in November!!!!! As an Independant, I voted for him twice thinking, (wrongfully so) that he was the best candidate to represent my district. All's he has proven to me is that he follows what Nancy , Harry or Obie wants and to heck with his constituents. Now when it looks like he has dug himself a hole he comes out trying to appear middle of the road. As far as I'm concerned he has continually put his party ahead of his constituents and he needs to find another job.......

Fact: Tim Walz ran as an "independent voice," yet votes 98 percent for the most extremist faction of the Democrat party.
Fact: Tim Walz lied.
Dump Walz. Help restore American values.

Voting 90% of the time with Nancy Pelosi's Democrats is not a centrist. The only Bipartisan vote on the health care bill was the vote against it. A article in the Mankato Free Press his home town paper put him left of center. A place Walz was happy being.

Walz said during his endorsement speech that he wouldn't lose any sleep if he were voted out of office for his vote on healthcare, and I will be happy to help him make that promise a reality.

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