Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Judge, Jury, and Executioner

The release of a video by Wikileaks that they allege shows US troops murdering civilians and members of the media in Iraq was an attempt to show the US military as sadistic murderers, which has been the standard fare from the left since 2003 and the invasion of Iraq.  Claims of war crimes by The New Republic, Iraq Veterans Against the War and Winter Soldier 2, Pvt Jessie MacBeth, and the late Congressman (traitorJack) Murtha have been hurled over and over, and many have them have been later found to be complete or partial fabrications.  But still, the number of far left ideologues who firmly believe that the military systematically murders civilians on the battlefield was at an all time high during the Bush White House, and became a substantial voice in the anti-war community.

But where is that outrage when Obama White House signals from the very top that battlefield executions are not only justified, but official policy?

Last month the Attorney General of the United States ruled out the possibility that Bin Laden could ever be taken alive.  He didn't cast doubt, or give the odds, he said it would never happen.  That sent a signal through the military that capturing terrorists was not the priority-killing them is.

Today, it was confirmed that Pres Obama has ordered the assassination of an American citizen, the radical cleric Anwar al Awlaki, who counseled the Fort Hood shooter, Maj Hassan, that his cause was just.

While I certainly don't disagree with either action-the killing of terrorists on the battlefield or hitting a target like al Awlaki, the silence from the left on these issues is deafening.  It puts all of the last nearly 10 years of anti war protests and drama in perspective, and shows how much of it was ideologically motivated.  How much of this angst was fueled by partisan hatred of George W Bush will probably never be known, but one thing is clear.  If the Republicans regain the Congress in 2010, or the White House in 2012 and the level of anti war fervor suddenly increases, there will be little if any reason to pay attention to much of it.  The true pacifists and anti war groups harnessed the energy of all those that simply hated conservatives, and now they are showing that their real motivation was simple politics.

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