Wednesday, March 19, 2008

5 years ago

A letter to the editor in the StarTribune from March, 2003-

Dear President Bush,

before you decide whether to go to war with Iraq, I would like you to think of my son. I don't want him dying on some battlefield in Iraq.

My son, like most kids today, doesn't care about Democrats or Republicans or who won the last election. He doesn't care about weapons of mass destruction or Saddam or the Gulf War.

My son, you see, is two and a half years old, and his father serves in the military.

So please, Mr President, let me and my generation finish the job in Iraq today, so that my son and his generation don't have to finish it tomorrow.

Dave Thul, Chaska

5 years later, we can still make the world safer for our children by finishing the job in Iraq.

The war with Iraq was fought and won in a matter of weeks. The war in Iraq is the front line against radical Islam.

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