Saturday, March 22, 2008

We support the troops, NOT

While I am still enough of an idealist to think that you can support the troops even if you don't support the war, I have rarely seen any actual incidents of it. More often, folks say they support the troops because to do otherwise would seem unpatriotic, and rightly so. But it's hard to be fanatically and irrationally opposed to a war and not have that hatred bleed over to the men and women in uniform. Case in point at my favorite lefty's blog, The Cucking Stool.

In a post about the monetary cost of the war in Iraq, Spot quotes his usually dubious sources to claim that the war in Iraq will be as expensive as all of WWII. We went back and forth in the comments section as per usual, until a poster named Dekay says this-

Dave Thul plays the "I'm more full of facts" game.Look stupid idiot, Dave Thul, the war is unnecessary and very costly.You want it both ways. We do not get to see what life could have been like if the war had not been started. Yet you claim, in your fear mongering best, that if the war wasn't started we would be in some horrible position.You jerk!, we are in a horrible position now!Get real, you ugly, inhuman, killing machine.

Heck, we can't support the troops when they are murderers, says the left. Abu Ghraib! Oh wait, that went to court and was proven to be a few out of control soldiers. Haditha! Oh wait, that went to court and 12 of the 14 accused have been fully cleared of wrongdoing, with the squad leader now basically on trial for whether his actions were reasonable. Guantanamo Bay! Nope, can't use that one either since every allegation of abuse by the prisoners there has been documented to be false.

It's hard to support the troops when you are tripping over each other to call them murderers.


Spot said...

Oh, come on, Dave. Spot did not say that, based on the book the Three Trillion Dollar War, that the Iraq war was more expensive than WWII. He did say it was more expensive than the Vietnam war.

SSG Thul said...

Attention to detail was never your strong suit Spot. I quoted you as saying 'as expensive', not more. And your post says Iraq will cost 5 trillion, the same figure you provided for WWII.