Sunday, March 16, 2008

At least steal a good article

Today's StarTrib online has a quick roundup of Iraq stories, with the lead headline 'Oil refineries pumping cash into the wrong hands'. They could be talking about the high cost of gas in the US for all the reader knows from the headline.
The gist of the article is that the Iraqi oil market is being dominated by the black market, which in turn is helping to fuel the insurgency. But the line that got my attention was this-

"It's the money pit of the insurgency," said Capt. Joe Da Silva, who commands several platoons stationed at the refinery.

No mention of who CPT Da Silva is. He could be Army, Marine, or the local Boy Scout commander for all we know. A Google search of CPT Da Silva points back to an article in the New York Times from today.

The last line of the Strib's roundup is the source of the information-

So either Mr Collins quoted the article from the NYT without saying where he got it from, or the NYT is now a 'news service' like the AP or Reuters.

So we start with an ambiguous headline, add a poorly written article and then throw in a dash of plagiarism, and what do we get? Maybe the reason for the Strib's continued drop in circulation numbers.

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