Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Swift Boat Vets vindicated

Alternate headline: John Kerry's sphincter tightens

Remember John Kerry's claim to fame in the 2004 presidential run?  He presented himself as a highly decorated Vietnam Vet, ready to ride to the rescue from cowboy W.  But that claim was unraveled by a group of Navy vets who had served with Kerry and in his unit.  Claims of heroism and bravery by Kerry were questioned by men who had been witness to the events.  Kerry's claim of inserting spec ops troops into Cambodia on Christmas Day 1968 was debunked and his campaign subsequently admitted the fabrication.

The Swift Boat Vets for Truth who led this campaign to tell the truth about LT Kerry were themselves attacked by the liberal media, and by Kerry supporters who also claimed to be on the ground in Vietnam with Kerry.  Kerry's strongest supporter from his time in Vietnam (some say he was the only one) was Wade Sanders.  Sanders was a Navy swift boat captain in Vietnam, former deputy assistant secretary of the Navy, and recipient of the Silver Star for gallantry, one of the highest military awards.  A very respected and reputable figure, he was the main defense against the Swift Boat vets.

Until now.

Wade Sanders is currently serving a federal prison term for possessing child pornography.  But that isn't the most serious hit to his credibility.  Navy Times (subscription required, Boston Globe link here) is reporting that the current Secretary of the Navy has revoked Sanders' Silver Star, citing "subsequently determined facts and evidence surrounding both the incident for which the award was made and the processing of the award itself."  It is virtually unheard of for a top award for gallantry in combat to be revoked, unless evidence is brought to light that the award was unearned, or that the witness statements that supported the award are determined to have been false. 

So why is John Kerry's sphincter tight?  Recall that Kerry left Vietnam early because of a little known rule that gave an early out to anyone with three Purple Hearts, and that the Swift Boat vets have questioned the validity of all three of Kerry's Purple Heart awards.  For the Navy to have revoked a Silver Star means they must have uncovered incontrovertible evidence of fraud from over 40 years ago, a fraud that occurred around the time and place that Kerry served.

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Anonymous said...


You beat me to this but you are right on! How many others? Interesting this guy is navy and so was Senator John Kerry.I'm guessing there were very few frauds but with Kerry so "patriotic" and now one of his endorsers being proven a phony - wonder if they'll be any more?

Thanks - medals go only to people who have EARNED them.