Saturday, July 02, 2011

Still repeating the lie

Received in my mail yesterday from the Minnesota Department of Transportation:

We are writing because your organization (Steele County GOP) has a relationship with this agency under a current agreement to provide litter pickup services (Adopt-A-Highway).

As you may know, the Minnesota State Legislature adjourned May 23, 2011, without appropriation enacted to fund the operations of state government for the fiscal year that begins July 1, 2011.

The letter goes on to ask that all Adopt a Highway clean ups be suspended during the shutdown because MN DOT will not be able to pick up the garbage bags.

Of course the truth is that the legislature put a balanced budget on the governor's desk before adjourning, but the letter from MN DOT lays all the blame on the legislature, and in fact never once mentions the governor.  This letter is similar to others and shows a pattern of the governor's office forcing state agencies to distribute their talking points, and makes it pretty hard to think that this shutdown was anything other than a premeditated plan to play politics with the taxpayers.

Aside from that, think of the message being sent to people all across Minnesota who volunteer their time to help keep our highways clean; you can't possibly do anything without the help of government.  Somehow I don't think Minnesotans will agree.

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Gramps Toolshed said...

People like this can not be trusted with power. They entrench themselves and find more and more ways to make it more "difficult" for normal citizens to live without them. What we need is a government that is consciously trying to get out of citizens' way.