Friday, April 18, 2014

Two paragraphs, so much consternation

At the state convention, the nominations committee has to report on the qualifications of the candidates seeking endorsement.  From the MNGOP state party constitution;
Nominations Committee.
To be eligible to be considered for endorsement or election, candidates for statewide
nonjudicial endorsement and candidates for National Delegate or Alternate must meet all legal
requirements and submit nominating petitions to the Nominating Committee containing the
printed names and signatures of a minimum of 2% of the State Convention Delegates.
The Nominations Committee shall report to the convention those candidates who have met the
petition and legal requirements at Section 3A and whether the Nominating Committee deems the
candidates to be qualified or unqualified to receive endorsement or be elected. 
What are the criteria for 'qualified'?  That is left to the nominations committee's discretion. Many different opinions have been brought forward on what the nominations committee should be looking at when they determine qualifications.  Should candidates be measured on how conservative they are?  Should bad votes in their past be brought up?
Since I'm chairing the nominations committee, I'd like your input on this.  Leave a comment, find me on Facebook or Twitter, or give me a call.  This is your chance to have some input on how the nominations committee vetts the candidates for statewide office. 


Anonymous said...

There is only ONE question that needs to be asked and answered. The only answer is "YES" that allows you to be "qualified": Will you honor the endorsement of this State convention and pledge not to run in the August 2014 Primary without it. And have them sign a statement that affirms this.

Anonymous said...

It's not that difficult. Two questions:

(1) Are you a Republican? and

(2) If you seek endorsement, do you pledge to honor the endorsement?

If you don't agree to abide by the endorsement, then you should not be on the ballot or be allowed anywhere near the podium.

Anonymous said...

We need to welcome ways to improve the party. All candidates should be given a fair chance to be on the ballot.

The Nom committe should look into the candidates past. Their past business records, legislative records, personal history, and can they raise the money needed to beat the opponent.

We don't need any more sex scandals, rinos or underfunded candidates.

Eric B said...

Baring something atrocious, let them through. Let the delegates decide.

jerrye92002 said...

There must be an outstanding reason to "disqualify" a candidate, such as having been a Democrat in the last election and/or consistently bad-mouthing Republicans in general.

What we have always done in our BPOU is to ask a series of questions and then simply publish those answers to the convention delegates, including the question of whether they intend to abide by the endorsement. Let the delegates decide if that is an issue for them.

Delegates shouldn't be thinking they are kingmakers with their endorsement, and asking candidates to accept them as such is self-defeating.