Thursday, April 17, 2014

One revealing sentence about Education Minnesota

From a story in the Owatonna People's Press (paywall after 20 articles per month) comes an inadvertent truth about teacher's unions in Minnesota.  After the superintendent of the Owatonna school district presented a contract proposal to the teachers union that included pay raises averaging 2% over a four year contract:
After Grant finished reading the proposal, the teachers joined for a closed caucus. After about 15 minutes, the union’s negotiators left to a round of applause from members.
They neither accepted nor rejected the proposal, and chose to set a future date for discussion. A specific date has not been set.
(Emphasis mine.)

Teachers applauded the fact that they refused to even vote on a contract proposal.  They applauded despite complaining that they have been working " without an agreement for 290 days".  They applauded a non-vote on a contract which gave more pay raises than city workers or police in Owatonna have seen in recent years.

They voted to stick it to the man (otherwise known as the taxpayers), and they applauded themselves afterwards.  That sums it up for Education Minnesota.

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