Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Minnpost lists their bias up front

Kudos to Minnpost for listing their ideological bias right up front in a story today.  For their story "Minimum wage deal with automatic pay hikes: the horse trading" they try to be nonchalant about it, but state that the article is funded by a pro-minimum wage hike group:

This is one in a series of articles funded by a grant from the Northwest Area Foundation.

"The Northwest Area Foundation is committed to the well-being of the people in our region.
We support efforts across our eight states to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable prosperity. We focus on the work of proven or promising organizations — those that have demonstrated success and those that are on the cutting edge and poised to do innovative work in poverty reduction."

So a 'foundation' committed to working towards poverty reduction has purchased an article in Minnpost hailing the increase in the minimum wage.  I'm shocked, not that they would shell out the money for what is essentially paid public relations, but that Minnpost would add the disclaimer up front on the article and with a straight face.

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John Hugh Gilmore said...


I've noticed this for some time. You'll see any number of "features" being sponsored by this or that left wing group. Look for the Joyce Foundation, which also supports MPR. Gee, thanks.

In one sense, though, I think owner/publisher Joel Kramer is trying to find a financial model without paywalls that works. I actually agree with you that they deserve kudos to some degree.

It sure beats the Star Tribune pretending that it's objective. Just read the tweets of Patricia Lopez, the political editor, for some good laughs at egregious bias.