Monday, April 07, 2014

Meet Aaron Miller

Quite contrary to the 2012 marathon, the 2014 1st Congressional District GOP convention lasted just three ballots.  After an almost three way tie in the first ballot, Rep Mike Benson fund himself losing ground on the second ballot, and quickly showed himself to be a classy candidate by withdrawing from the race.  Unlike the animosity of 2012, the two candidate race between Aaron Miller and Jim Hagedorn was professional.  When Benson asked his supporters to favor Miller, the third ballot showed movement en masse, and Jim Hagedorn upped the ante on Benson's classy move by dropping out of the race and asking for unanimous endorsement for Miller.

So who is Aaron Miller?

-Aaron Miller is a combat veteran, having served 28 years in uniform in the Army Reserves, including combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He is Command Sergeant Major, the highest non-commissioned officer rank in the US military, and was awarded the Bronze Star for his service.

-Aaron Miller is a businessman, who has spent the last 15 years in the healthcare industry on the front lines of evolving medical technologies.

-Aaron Miller is a family man, whose wife Jennifer also serves in the US military, and two daughters who live in Byron, Minnesota.

Aaron is a political newcomer, having never before run for office.  He is seeking to replace a man who political newcomer, who had never before run for office.

Aaron is a Command Sergeant Major in the US Army, the same rank as the man he is seeking to replace.  But unlike Representative 'Light on the Right' Tim Walz, Aaron has not one, not two, but three combat tours under his belt.

Aaron's website is here, and his Facebook page is here. 

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