Monday, December 27, 2010

Some attitudes will never change

Doug Grow, proud progressive and advocate for all things DFL, writes at MinnPost today about the political futures of several Minnesotans who came up short in the 2010 elections.  Not surprisingly he concludes that Republicans (Molnau and Emmer) are effectively done in politics, while Democrats (Clark, Kelliher and Pogemiller) are just in recovery phase, and all have options to rehabilitate their political careers. 

But Grow shows his disconnect from reality and the motivation of the majority of the voters in 2010 with his comments about Minnesota's 8th CD-
Suddenly, the sprawling northern district has become a "so what?'' region of the country. By unceremoniously tossing  36-year U.S. Rep. Jim Oberstar out of office, the district went from being a major recipient of federal money to just another remote congressional district in the middle of the country.
'Unceremoniously"?  Is there some formal ceremony needed to remove a career politician who spends more time in DC than in his district?  A elitist who refused to even hold a single townhall meeting during the Obamacare debate?  A sore loser who still refuses to offer congratulations to his opponent?

But what Grow really can't seem to understand is that 2010 was about ending the government spending spree, even if that means cutting yourself off from the gravy train-
But for the next few years, the major political news in the 8th won't be about the newest multimillion-dollar federal project (there won't be any), but about whom the Democrats will run in two years to try to unseat rookie Chip Cravaack.
Get that?  Voters in the 8th will no longer benefit from Oberstar's legendary ability to bring home the pork!  How silly of those voters.

The fact that voters in the 8th voted Oberstar off the island isn't a measure of their ignorance.  It is a measure of their frustration with a Congress that thinks that spending tax dollars is the surest way to re-election. 

But there is still hope for those poor slobs in the 8th, says Grow.  They may have lost Oberstar, but their loyal votes for another big spending politician may be enough to keep them on the government trough-
The good news for the northern portions of the district is that the new governor is a man who appreciates loyalty. Mark Dayton owes his election victories in both the primary and the general election to the Iron Range and St. Louis County. He will do everything he can to help foster economic activity in northern Minnesota.
Doug Grow typifies in one throwaway paragraph the attitude that has pushed our country to the brink of bankruptcy, and our state to exploding budgets that simply can't be sustained.  


Ray from MN said...

It's quite understandable that Grow wouldn't be aware that Oberstar lost his pro-life support by supporting ObamaCare. Pro-lifers aren't anywhere on Grow's socialist viewing screen.

It may not have been a huge number, but there is no doubt but that selling his soul for socialized medicine and abortions at will after having proclaimed himself to be "pro-life" for 30+ years did Oberstar in in a very close race.

Oberstar did himself in. He abandoned a major part of his base.

Anonymous said...

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- David