Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Climate restoration

Watching the latest remake of A Christmas Carol this last weekend, I noticed it was set in a snow covered city.  So has every other version of the movie, because that is how Charles Dickens wrote it.  Penned in 1843, Dickens set most of his books in the childhood conditions he grew up in-England of the 1820's.

London, England experienced a true white Christmas this year, with snow covering the ground.  Snow is in fact so rare in England on Christmas, that the official definition of 'white Christmas' is 'a single flake of snow that falls in the 24 hour period of December 25th'.  Here in the US, we define a white Christmas as at least 1 inch of snow on the ground.

How long has it been since London had a Charles Dickens style true white Christmas?  According to the BBC, that last one was 1895.

Global warming my ass.

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