Friday, February 12, 2010

Crap! Literally

Update-with apologies to my loyal readers (both of them), it is my sad duty to inform you that you have been part of an information operation (IO) intended to provide false information to the Pink 6.   The disclosed  strategy (see below) of "a steak and lobster dinner planned at home, complete with wine and shrimp cocktail," was intentionally leaked in order to move local national forces (the babysitter) into place without detection by the Pink 6.  Placement of weapons cache (flowers at the restaurant) was assisted by allied forces (head waiter) for a nominal sum.
The operation was a success and tactical surprise was achieved.

While deployed to Iraq in 2007, I decided to find something unique to surprise my wife with on Valentine's Day.  A few years earlier, we had bought a print at the Renaissance Festival of Guinevere, from King Arthur fame.  A striking print in black and white except for her skin and blond hair.
After a weeks worth of searching the internet from Iraq, I finally found the artist name (with the help of some very kind Ren Fest vendors) and ordered the companion print, King Arthur.

I figured I had done a proper job at being romantic from 2000 miles away, and waited for Valentine's Day to call and see how she liked her present.  Much to my surprise, I found out that I had been overshadowed by a guy from my own company.  Damn bastard married his fiancee by teleconference, which made headlines and got all the wives ooohing and aaaahing.  How's a guy supposed to compete with that?

Now, this year I have a steak and lobster dinner planned at home, complete with wine and shrimp cocktail, only to read in the StarTribune that I have been outdone again.

This aerial shot captures true love in it's most basic form.  That's right, the farmer that owns this land in Albert Lea, just a little ways south of me, made a heart with an arrow-out of manure.  

Crap! Overshadowed again.

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