Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Attention all spam commenters

Lately I have been getting lots of the wrong kind of comments-spam.  They advertise Viagra websites or get rich schemes.  If you see one, please don't click whatever they link to.  I try to delete them as soon as they appear, but I don't always catch them.

Which brings me to the silliness of spam comments.  What business model revolves around leaving comments that no one will pay attention to and will be deleted soon after?  I suppose I could add one of those security boxes, the 'type in this phrase' box with the squiggly letters or crazy font, but that seems rather pretentious.

So, spammers, here it is.  If you check the sitemeter on the right, you'll see that on a good day I get 20 visitors, and since your spam isn't up for more than a few hours usually, you could probably find a better use for your time to try getting a return on your investment.  But, if you insist on leaving spam, I will continue to delete it.

Perhaps one of you could prove how unintelligent you are by leaving a spam comment on this post.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Dave Thul said...

Mocked in a foreign language, not bad.