Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Your chance to help

You probably read the headlines this last weekend-two combat outposts in Afghanistan attacked and nearly overrun by Taliban forces.  Eight US soldiers gave the last full measure of devotion to their country.

You also may have heard the story of the brave wounded soldiers who refused to be evacuated so that they could continue to fight.

What you didn't hear was the fact that most of Combat Outpost Keating was destroyed during the attack.  Which means the survivors of the attack have lost all of their personal belongings, comfort items, and morale improving equipment.  Said one soldier who was there-

“most people back home don't even know, no one gives a shit”

That is a quote from one of the men on the very tip of the front lines on the war.  You can help prove him wrong.

The American Legion's new blog, the Burnpit, has a full update on the battle and the aftermath.

Tankerbabe is spearheading the effort to organize relief efforts and care packages.  She has an address to accept donations and a list of things the troops need.

And Soldiers' Angels has been providing what the troops need for several years.

You've seen the headlines.  Now it's time to do your part, and help ease the burden of the men and women who are protecting our freedoms.

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