Friday, September 11, 2009

Has America forgotten?

Apparently my small town of Owatonna has forgotten about 9/11.  A quick trip to the hardware store turned into a 2 hour drive around town with a camera, getting more and more disappointed at all of the businesses that couldn't be bothered to put their American flags at half staff out of respect for the fallen.

Jostens Corporation-
McQuay International-

Crown Cork and Seal-
Country Inn and Suites-
Taco Bell-

Premier Bank-

Wells Fargo branch office-

Flag etiquette is kind of a pet peeve with me, and I am routinely frustrated with businesses that proudly display their American flag to show their patriotism, yet can't take the pitifully small amount of time it takes to display it correctly.  It's bad enough when a private business does it.  Yet it drives me crazy when the government does it.

The City of Owatonna choose not to lower the flag at city hall, any of the parks and the library.
The school district, ISD #761, choose not to lower any of the flags on school grounds or at the district offices.

The most ridiculous picture of the day was this one.  The Owatonna post office flying its flag at half staff in the foreground, with the Owatonna public library flying at full staff in the background.

I've tried all afternoon to think of a reasonable explanation for not putting the flag down, but I can't think of one.  I think it is safe to say the issue will come up at the next city council meeting.

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