Thursday, September 10, 2009

The day America changed

Do you remember where you where when you heard?

Teleprompter?  Not needed by the guy the left says can't speak in complete sentences-

The first soldiers of the new war didn't wear uniforms-

The National Guard was created from the original militia, the citizens who became soldiers when their country needed them. Tom Burnett and his fellow passengers on United 93 never had the chance to raise their hands and swear an oath to the Constitution, they just did what was needed of them.


The White House Has Been Evacuated

Aired September 11, 2001 - 09:52   ET
BROWN: Just to add at bit, John, to what you've been saying. We're getting a report from the Associated Press now that the White House was evacuated after the Secret Service received what the AP is describing as a credible threat of a terrorist attack against the White House itself. I expect you'll be checking that out. We'll try and confirm that. But that is what AP is reporting right now.

8 years ago we were attacked because the terrorists thought we were weak, thought we were soft, and thought that we wouldn't fight back.  The passengers of United 93 proved them wrong before the attack was even over, and the US military has spent the last eight years showing just how wrong they were.

Parting thought from cartoonist Gary Varvel-

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