Monday, August 03, 2009

New classes

I started two new college classes today; World History since 1650 and Macroeconomics. Weighty topics, but they should be interesting and very germane to current events.

For instance, in World History, I look forward to learning about all of the terrible things that the US has done that President Obama needs to apologize for.

In Econ, I will be reading the textbook in breathless anticipation of understanding the economic principles that will allow President Obama and the Democrats in Congress to bring the federal deficit under control by spending ever larger amounts of money.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful you approach education with this level of wonder.

You truly are a blank slate, upon which knowledge is writ large.

Dave Thul said...

At age 37, I am nothing even close to a blank slate.

I do however, have the benefit of having actual life experiences that most current college kids do not.

DAV said...


In Econ you will pick up a wonderful tool. That said frequently an Econ class is slanted by the politics of the Prof. I hope you will read up on the sections regarding Market Collusion, and Cartels when you think about our Healthcare Debate.