Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Strib letter

Update-they printed it, not just in the letters, but letter of the day

My letter to the editor at the Strib-

President Obama campaigned extensively on the 'right' of all people to healthcare. So imagine my surprise when it was revealed that the president wants me, as a disabled veteran, to pay for my care at the VA by billing my insurance.

As insulting as this is to every veteran, the real victims would be the veteran's families. Imagine applying for private insurance and being turned down because your pre-existing condition was being wounded in combat.

Think back to all of the pork barrel projects in the stimulus bill and all of the bank bailouts. Then ask yourself why we have to pay for those things by cutting healthcare to wounded veterans. After that, please call your congressman and ask them to oppose this.

Day By Day, written by Chris Muir, runs every day on the right side of this blog. But in case you missed it, he ways in on the VA issue today-

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