Tuesday, January 13, 2009

StarTribune reports the truth about global warming, twice

Only four days after the blogs widely reported the coming of the next Ice Age, the Strib put up a few paragraphs on the story. There are nine whole paragraphs that directly quote the story from Pravda, before the last paragraph which attacks Pravda's reputation. Still, for a newspaper that has consistently preached man made global warming and the doom that will come if we don't reduce our carbon footprints, this is modest progress.

But, in what obviously had to be an editorial oversight, the Strib also reported on the recent trend of cold weather...on the weather page.

Nostalgia was a cold thing for Minnesotans in 2008. An old-fashioned winter ushered in the year with five straight months of below-normal temperatures statewide, the first such streak since 1979. April snows were heavy - depressing, some would say - and many northern lakes were still covered with ice instead of anglers for the walleye fishing opener in May. Some migrating birds starved because the bugs they like to eat when they arrive hadn't been born yet. Gardening and farming started two weeks later than usual all across the state. The worst calamities occurred in late spring - a fatal tornado in Hugo and floods in the Austin area. As the year ended, heavy autumn rains and snow in the Red River Valley had people thinking ahead to spring flooding. Statewide, a deep snow cover held the promise of another "traditional winter" stretching into 2009.

At a bare minimum, this cold snap over the last two years should cause every global warming advocate to go back and recheck their calculations. And if the cold weather continues, I wonder how long before some enterprising young lawyer will decide to sue Al Gore for fraud.

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