Monday, December 29, 2008

Fumbles on the field and fumbles off the field

From the StarTribune-

Vikings face ‘big challenge’ in ticket sales

Steve LaCroix, vice president of sales and marketing, met with reporters today and talked about the team’s push to sell 20,000 remaining tickets for Sunday’s playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles. LaCroix said it’s “doable” but acknowledged that it will be a “big challenge.”

The article gives a link to, and from there you can go to the handy dandy NFL playoffs page. Which lists no Vikings playoff games this week.

So I searched by 'Vikings', but there are no events listed. Just how hard are the Vikings trying to sell these tickets?

Update-the Ticketmaster site has been updated to include the playoffs, and take you directly to the purchase page. Which means that the Pink6 and I will be doing our part to cheer the team on on Sunday. 19,998 tickets to go.

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