Thursday, August 28, 2008

Strib today

From today's StarTrib letters to the editor-

With the Democrats convening in Denver, and the Republicans coming to St Paul next week, it's interesting to note that one topic is hardly even being discussed: the war in Iraq.

Since the 1st Brigade of the Minnesota National Guard (the Red Bulls) returned home last summer from the longest Iraq deployment of any unit, Iraq has made incredible gains, both in security on the ground and in the political process. Now instead of arguing over whether or not we should stay in Iraq, the question of the day is the rate at which we can bring most of the troops home.

So as you watch the conventions, keep in mind that Minnesota soldiers and their families played a part in keeping the conventions free of the rancorous Iraq war debate.


As much as Sen Obama wants to deny it, the surge did work, and that is the reason that Iraq is a back burner issue.

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