Friday, August 01, 2008

Getting deployed again

We got the word this week that my National Guard unit is being deployed again. But unlike the last marathon 2 year stint in Iraq, this one will be a little closer to home.

The best guess is that we will spend the week at the armory and be on call in case the protesters get out of hand. Kind of ironic that some of these protesters who want to stop the war in Iraq to keep troops from being killed may be the same ones rioting against the very same troops they profess to be supporting.


Spot said...

Sigh. Perhaps your real job, Dave, will be to keep Swiftee, Mitch, and agent provocateur Chris Baker from using their ax handles on the likes of Spot.

upalonger said...

I support the troops.
Although I'm a Canadian, I support not only Canada's troops but all troops that fight the war on terrorism. The attached is a show I titled “I’ve Got Your Back” , and dedicated it to the United States Armed Forces.