Friday, July 18, 2008

PETA vs the military

PETA (people who eat tasty animals) tries to take on Goliath by telling the US Army that killing pigs in a medical exercise is wrong.

While PETA probably thinks that the Iraq war is bad because some camels may have been hurt by IED's, the purpose of this exercise is to save human lives. There is no substitute or simulator to show a medic what a massive hemorrage actually looks, feels, and smells like. If a few pigs have to give their lives to save a US soldier or two, then bring on the bacon. And it's also important to keep in mind that our medics treat everyone that needs it, so this training may just as easily save the life of an Iraqi citizen wounded by a suicide bomber.

But the best part of this whole thing is the unintended moral connundrum. Given the local stories of Target cashiers who refuse to touch pork products, and cab drivers who refuse to carry service dogs for the blind, here's my question. If a US medic that was trained to stop bleeding by working on a pig saves a Muslim life with that training, is that Muslim now unclean?

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