Sunday, April 20, 2008

Return of the Appeal for Courage

In January of 2007, as I was adjusting to the extension of our tour in Iraq, I started blogging. Along with blogging, I hooked up with a Navy officer to work on the Appeal for Courage. The Appeal was a formal appeal for redress from serving military members to members of Congress. We asked them to support our mission and stop calling for our retreat from Iraq. It was presented to Congress in May, 2007.
The Appeal was started in part because of a similar anti-war appeal. That one called for all US forces to be withdrawn from Iraq. In order to prevent the media from thinking that a majority of US military wanted to retreat, Lt Jason Nichols created the Appeal for Courage. I joined with him and together we collected over 3000 signatures of servicemembers who supported our mission in Iraq. We quickly outpaced the the anti war appeal, which had just over 1500 signatures.
The Appeal for Courage has now relaunched into an way to thank Congress for supporting us and for soldiers to post their own views. I will be posting there as well as here and True North.

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