Sunday, April 20, 2008

More right than I knew

Three weeks ago during the VFF National Heros Tour I met David Belavia, a former US Army Staff Sergeant. A founding member of Vets For Freedom, he is also a Silver Star awardee and a nominee for the Congressional Medal of Honor. After talking with him on the bus and during lunch, I was impressed by his ability to speak eloquently on a range of topics, yet still have the common sense of a battle tested veteran. More than that, his quick wit and ability to make an audience laugh at him and themselves. When I posted about the day's events, I speculated that I may have been conversing with a future US Senator. Turns out I may have been right, though I had the wrong house.

From the Vets for Freedom email-

David Bellavia, Vets for Freedom co-founder, member of our Board of Advisors, and now a candidate for Congress in New York's 26th Congressional District, resigned from our Board of Advisors Monday due to his candidacy. David will continue to be a member of the organization.

David Bellavia is a great American, who served this country courageously on the battlefield in Iraq, receiving the Silver Star and a nomination for the Medal of Honor. But his service didn’t stop there. Here at home, David co-founded Vets for Freedom, as well as a local organization in his hometown of Buffalo, New York for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Vets for Freedom wishes David luck in what will be a difficult battle for a contested seat, and we are grateful for the voice he continues to give veterans here at home and those serving abroad. Please make sure to visit to find out more information.

I checked and the website is still being put together. But check back in the next week or so to see more.

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