Sunday, December 02, 2007

Economics 101

When the subject of a minimum wage increase comes up, liberals will tell you that it is crucial to keeping people out of poverty. Conservatives will say that it's bad for a free market and bad for business.
From the small town of Owatonna, in the People's Press-
Talks of bringing a Ruby Tuesday restaurant to Owatonna are now,
officially, over.
The decision is believed to be linked to a bill that passed the Minnesota
Senate in April that would have increased the state minimum wage from $6.15 an hour to $6.75 and then $7.75 an hour on Aug. 1, 2008, for large employers.
Back in April, an investor told (Owatonna Mayor)Kuntz that the company
would not build another restaurant in Minnesota until a tip credit was
established. On Friday, Kuntz was cautious about that assertion.

So the 30 or so jobs that would have been created by the building of this restaurant will now not be created. And thousands of high school kids working for minimum wage across the state will be able to blow a little more cash with the raise they will get. And liberals call themselves progressive?


Spot said...

Dave, Spot doesn't have the stats at hand to back it up, but it is a lot more than high school kids who earn only minimum wage. And we have a Ruby Tuesday's; believe me, yo ain't missing much. Go eat at a local restaurant.

SSG Thul said...

Spot, show me the man in Minnesota trying to live his life and pay his bills off nothing more than minimum wage. And then I'll show you a man who pays no state or federal income taxes, and probably recieves hundreds or thousands in government dollars. I'll show you a man who, though given a free education, apparently couldn't learn anything more than the most basic skills needed for a minimum wage job.
This is as black and white as it gets for conservtive vs. liberal. I believe that charity and communities should help this man, you believe that only state or federal government can.