Friday, November 30, 2007

The new Harvard study about leadership in America contains an interesting bit about the media bias. 61% believe that media coverage of the elections is biased, with almost a 2 to 1 majority seeing a liberal bias.

But there's another interesting graphic in the study, which has been reported in the past but is still important. When asked about specific institutions the press, the executive branch, and Congress all ranked dead last. Who do Americans continue to trust the most? The military.

So let's review; military good, press bad.

So when you want the true story of the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, it's easy to see where to turn. Milbloggers. Actual men and women in uniform, many of them serving in the combat zone, telling what they see and hear.

If you've never read a milblog, or aren't very familiar with them, the best place to start is The Mudville Gazette. Every day or two, they feature the Dawn Patrol, a roundup of the best or most interesting writing from milbloggers focusing on deployed bloggers.

As the media is slowly starting to admit progress in Iraq, and the MoveOn party still vehemently denying any progress at all, get your news from the source and judge for yourself.


Broadsword said...

Hi Dave. I see you've been over at MN Blu. Me too. I'm trying to draw fire. Do you think it's unfair taking rhetoric to a mud fight? Heh. Isotopes split off from Smoothing Plane. We met downstream from the Cathedral when the "Quit Now, All is lost" crowd paraded past. Broadsword is a nom de Blog. I'll link you up at Isotopes.

SSG Thul said...

Yeah, draw fire is an accurate description. But I can't help but think that if even one reader is swayed by something I say, then all the personal attacks are worth it.
Protesting the protesters at the Cathedral was good fun, I look forward to more as the Convention approaches.