Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Immigration nonsense

Last week I saw an commentary piece in my favorite source of entertainment, the StarTribune, about the moral imperative to ignore current immigration laws, because they are 'unjust'. To support this point, the authors compared our current immigration laws to Nazi Germany and the deep South after the Civil War. I responded in a letter to the editor that was printed yesterday.
There are plenty of strong opinions about immigration, and a lot of rhetoric on both sides. But the root of the matter is that we as a country have not only the right, but the obligation to decide responsibly who we want to let in. Although I can sympathize with those who want to come to America from the third world, especially having been deployed to a couple of third world countries, my sympathy stops when the come here illegally. If your first act upon entering the US is to break the law, I don't have much hope for your future as a law abiding citizen.
Ironically, many people complain of the stigma of being Latino in America today. The assumption is made, say many, that you are an illegal alien if your skin is brown. I say ironically, because if we actually secured the borders and stopped the flow of illegals, the tendency to stereotype would fade.

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