Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day 2007

Father's Day in Iraq, again. Today actually wasn't bad. Due to a scheduling quirk, I got the day off from mission even though most of my guys went out. So I had a few precious hours of peace and quiet. And we even got a Father's Day dinner, provided by the Outback Steakhouse company. I never heard if they had some sort of promotion going back home, or if Outback has a lot of guys serving in the military. But they took over the chow hall last night and served good steaks, baked potatoes, and even their famous blooming onions. A very nice surprise indeed.
But today makes me 0 for 6 in being home on Father's Day. Since my son was born, I've spent one in Kosovo, two in Iraq, and the other three on annual training. It's a running inside joke between my wife and I that one of these years I will actually manage to be home on the day, and I will want to collect a decade's worth of pampering all at once. Honestly, I don't put too much mental effort into what is more than likely a Hallmark holiday, designed and promoted to sell more greeting cards. But I hope when my kids one day look back and think about me not having been home much when they were young, they understand that living in America is a blessing, one that you can spend your whole life trying to repay.

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MissBirdlegs in AL said...

Agreed! Good post, Sgt. I'm sorry you've missed those Father's Days with your family, but so very thankful for those of you willing to do so. My eternal gratitude...