Monday, January 15, 2007

Maybe this should be classified

Since it has now become commonplace for major newspapers in the US to do stories on what they know is classified material that has been illeagally and intentionally leaked, I'd like to suggest that the Pentagon starts making stories like this classified.
Maybe then the media would start covering the other side of the Iraq war. The side of the war where we are fighting Al Qaeda terrorists, and even giving them first aid when they are wounded. The side where US troops are working side by side with our Iraqi counterparts, and in some cases letting them run the mission while we advise. I don't see stories like this on the network TV news or online in the major media. Even Fox news, for all their conservative reputation, seems more inclined to just not report bad news, rather than actively report on the positive developments. Only when they have a marquee name over here, like Hannity last month or Olie North before that, do we see actual grunt level stories about how the mission is getting done.
Fighting against an insurgency/terrorist network is not nearly as sexy as major combat ops. No cities to be liberated, no large enemy forces to be destroyed or captured. No constant pushing of the front lines to the long awaited complete victory. But what we are doing is keeping the muj at bay while the Iraqis learn what political freedom is. We are keeping Al Qaeda at arms length while the Iraqi military and police are rebuilt from the ground up. When I think of the situation here in Iraq, I think my dad said it best. He always told me that in NFL football a good offense sells tickets, but a good defense wins games.

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Dave, your pal Spot saw this article in that leftist rag the Strib this morning.