Saturday, December 12, 2015

Overheard at CCW training

So I went to a course for conceal carry today, held at the Fleet Farm in Owatonna.  The class was standing room only- literally three people stood for the three hour class because there were no more chairs available.  The instructor said he usually sees classes of 15-20, but today there were 31 and several turned away at the door because of the lack of space.

What was impressive was the number of new permit applicants- fully half of the class were those who had never had a conceal carry permit before, and in fact didn't even own a handgun.  They were coming to the class as the first step in the process of becoming legal gun owners.  There were a few gentlemen there to get permits due to their jobs (repo men) but everyone else was motivated by the desire to carry a weapon if they wanted to, even though most said they didn't expect to have a strong reason to carry.

The second amendment focus in American over the last two decades has seen great results.  But nothing has been better to push ordinary Americans from the fence over guns to permit holding activists that the liberal outrage over guns exemplified by the Obama administration.

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