Friday, April 24, 2015

Lack of free pre-K causes kids to go to prison

This morning on the Up and At Em show on Twin Cities News Talk, an interesting conversation with Rep Nick Zerwas and Rep Dan Schoen ranged around light rail and the governor's proposed universal pre-K.  The topic of Rep Jim Newberger's dumb comment on the House floor from this week about the usefulness of a light rail line from North Minneapolis to the prison in St Cloud.

In the middle of these competing topics, an incredibly insulting comment came from Rep Schoen, when he linked kids going to daycare rather than pre-K with those kids later ending up in prison.  The full podcast is here, and the section in question starts at 13:20.

Zerwas: There's no such thing as free.

Andrew Lee: Right.

Schoen: Then tell the families that are forking over thousands a year to go to daycare...

Zerwas: Yeah, it's daycare!  You had a kid, it has to go to daycare.  Not, you had a kid, so I need to pay for your kid's daycare. NO, no no, no, no, NO.

Lee: Alright, George in Hastings...

Schoen: But you will be paying when they're in prison.

So a DFL member of the house is saying that if taxpayers don't foot the bill for 'free' pre-kindergarten in Minnesota, kids will end up in prison. 

Stay classy, Rep Dan Schoen.

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