Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Insultingly ironic

In my inbox the other day was an email from Cindy Bills, asking me to come out and support Scott Honour for Governor.  Cindy is the wife of 2012 US Senate candidate Kurt Bills, and her email is reads as an intentional insult to Republican activists across Minnesota.

In 2012, after his surprising endorsement at the state convention, Kurt Bills emerged as a major candidate with no money, no fundraising plan, no volunteer base, and little if any name recognition.  The meager positives he had going for him on the campaign trail were his undeniable conservative beliefs, and his endorsement by the state party.  All around Minnesota, Republicans who didn't even quite know who Bills was, myself included, pounded lawn signs, made calls and walked in parades on his behalf.  One local activist who has been involved in party politics since before Jimmy Carter was president asked me if we had any signs left for 'that Bill Kurtz guy, the Senate candidate'.

So after relying on the endorsement for support in 2012, Kurt and Cindy Bills are now repaying all those who worked on their behalf by thumbing their nose at delegates and activists statewide and telling us to come out and support a candidate who never even seriously competed for party endorsement.

In response to the Bill's entreaty for my support, I'd like to go on the record today and predict that Scott Honour will finish dead last of the three challengers to Jeff Johnson in the August primary.  Money is an unfortunate requirement in politics today, but money alone will get you nowhere.

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