Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Guns in school

After the tragedy last Friday in Connecticut, there has been plenty of talk about arming teachers in school.  Although it sounds like a good conservative idea, it wont work and its unnecessary.

First, lets admit it, most school teachers are either liberal, or controlled by very liberal unions.  Even if we could persuade state legislatures to allow arming teachers, convince school districts that it will help, and then persuade teachers to carry, teacher unions would use the issue to demand more money.  Armed teachers would face higher risks they would say, therefore just like soldiers in combat zones they should be paid more.  Training on firearms would have to be paid for by the taxpayers, of course, as well as the cost of the guns themselves.  School districts would demand insurance policies to protect them from lawsuits in case of an accidental shooting.  All in all, arming teachers is not a fiscally conservative idea.

But it is also completely unnecessary.  The only way to stop school mass shootings is to make schools the same as every other public place in America and remove the gun free label. 

Think about it for a minute- 

Do you stop at red lights?  Do we have cops on every corner?  If your answers were yes and no, it's because you have the healthy fear that there might be a cop nearby who would see and stop you.  Do you pay your taxes before April 15th?  Does the IRS knock on your door on the 16th if you don't?  You pay your taxes because of the health fear you would get caught if you didn't.  (Tim Giethner and other White House tax cheats notwithstanding.)

The basic premise of our entire society is that the vast majority of people will comply with laws because they believe in the necessity of obeying the law.  The vast majority of criminals in our society will play the odds. 

Bank robbery used to be very profitable in America, until the FBI was given jurisdiction, and today bank jobs are relatively rare.  Car jackings were popular for a period, then Lo-Jack came about.  Forging a check used to lead to a big payoff, now computers can detect forgery in real time.  Cheating casinos in Las Vegas was a game for smart con men in the 70's and 80's, now surveillance makes it a losing bet.

The one thing every school in America has in common is that no guns are allowed.  To a homicidal maniac who wants to go out in a blaze of glory, it is a target rich environment, with no one shooting back at you.

The only change needed to dissuade mentally unstable individuals from going on school shooting rampages is to allow law abiding citizens with carry permits to take their firearms with them in a public school.  The mass murder tragedies we have seen over the last few years have all been committed by people who were competent enough thinkers to plan out their massacres.  Which means they are smart enough to know that schools that allow licensed forearms on school grounds means they cannot be sure of the success of their massacre.

Arming teachers is not the answer.  Allowing responsible adults to carry the weapons they carry everywhere else in society into our schools is deterrent enough.


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