Thursday, August 02, 2012

Is Senator Reid paying royalties to Aaron Sorkin?

Senator Reid's accusation that Mitt Romney hasn't filed a tax return in a decade sounded familiar from somewhere-turns out it came from The American President, the movie that was the pre-curser to The West Wing;

Senator Rumson suggested that G.D.C. Political director, Sydney Ellen Wade... 

whose close personal relationship with the president... 

has been causing the White House headaches over the past two months... 

may have traded sexual favors... 

for key votes in the Virginia State Legislature... 

while lobbying for the Virginia Teachers Association. 

Wait a minute, Senator. That's a heck of an accusation to make. 

Let me be very clear about this. I am not making an accusation. 

I am saying, when you hear one thing, you dismiss it. 

You hear two, you dismiss it, but when several... 

several well-respected members... 

and former members of the Virginia State Legislature... 
Senator Bob Rumson was the stereotype for every evil notion liberals 
have about conservatives, so it's interesting that Sen Reid would use 
his methods.  Interesting in a desperate way. 

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