Friday, July 01, 2011

Symptom of the greater problem

As the Minnesota Shutdown (TM) begins, stories abound over the plight of the needy.  But as long as the state has been shutdown, we need to examine such stories on a deeper level.  Example-food shelves that get food from the government.

The Minnesota government shutdown is threatening delivery of some 700,000 pounds of food due at the state food shelves in the next two months. Colleen Moriarty, executive director of Hunger Solutions Minnesota, says the food comes from a federal program. Moriarty says its delivery depends on a single state employee who can work in a certain data management program.

Since when did the state and federal government become responsible for stocking food shelves?  Since liberals realized that the more people depend on government, the more power and influence government has, and thus the more liberals can control other people.

Nearly 950,000 more pounds of food already in warehouses can't be distributed during the shutdown. Rob Zeaske is executive director of Second Harvest Heartland, which distributes food to programs in 41 counties. 

Think of it folks, we have come from 150 years ago when the 1st Minnesota left to fight in the Civil War and left hundreds of families behind to fend for themselves, to food shelves with food on the shelves that they can't distribute without government assistance.  Is this progress?

The long line of groups and individuals waiting to plead their case before the special master in St Paul need to take a cue from the pioneers who settled the Minnesota territory amid long odds and no thought of relying on government-look first to your neighbors, friends and family, and to government as a last resort.

(TM) Minnesota Shutdown is a trademark of the Dayton administration.


Anonymous said...

No thoughts of taking a handout from the government? You mean besides the "free" land they came to take (from the Native Americans) as a gift from teh US Government? Is this progress... as compared to letting our impoverished children starve? Really? Really?

Gramps Toolshed said...

It is sad that the government is in the business of running food shelves. Does that have anything to do with protecting basic liberties and staying out of the way of citizens? Obviously not. It really is just one more way for them to control people and sink their influence into activities that rightfully belong to charities and churches.