Monday, May 02, 2011

Nice job Mr President

Give credit where credit is due-President Obama deserves significant credit for the sudden loss of body temperature of Bin Laden.

If conservatives and Republicans are going to be intellectually honest-and I hope we are- then the facts outweigh emotion here.  The emotion says that we can't ever give props to the enemy or agree with something they have done.  But the facts are different-

-Pres. Obama did not pull out of Afghanistan after being elected, despite significant pressure from his base to do so.
 -Obama listened to the commanders on the ground in Afghanistan and escalated the US presence last year because it was the best strategic option.
-Obama yielded to common sense and did not close Gitmo, despite making specific campaign promises to do so, and signing an executive order to do so.  We now know that it was information from Gitmo detainees that led directly to OBL's death.
-The president gave the green light for this specific mission to go after Bin Laden, despite significant political risk to himself.  Imagine for a moment what would have happened had the mission failed catastrophically, ala Desert One.  Conservatives would have been chastening the president as a military bumbler and weak leader.

Just like with the birth certificate issue, there are plenty of legitimate issues to criticize President Obama on.  The take down of Bin Laden is not one of them.  The administration may use this to their own purposes, such as calling for a full retreat from Afghanistan or making it a campaign talking point, and those would be legitimate issues to criticize the president for.  But the takedown of Bin Laden is not one of them.

For eight years I watched  my commander in chief be ridiculed and reviled by his political opposites on every single issue, regardless of what it was.  President Bush was evil in their eyes, and thus every action he took was tainted.  I hope conservatives can understand that such thinking was wrong then and is still wrong today.  If we can't congratulate those we disagree with politically when they do something that we all agree was right, then we are nothing more than partisan hacks.

Thank you President Obama, for having the courage to do what was right even though it would have been far easier not to.  Thank you for bringing justice to someone who so richly deserved it.  And thank you for trusting our best warriors to conduct an operation that will become legend among those serve in uniform.  I may criticize you tomorrow, but today, thank you.

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