Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Your tax dollars at work

I don't get a lot of comments, because let's face it, I don't post very much.  I don't really consider myself a 'blogger' but rather a guy who occasionally writes on a blog, and even less occasionally writes with something approaching eloquence.  So on the rare circumstance that I get an interesting comment, I figure I should highlight it.

Yesterday I posted on the huge charade that was played in our state over the last year-the mythical billion dollar budget deficit.  Kudos to the DFL-it was a clever ploy and likely helped mitigate their 'shellacking'.  It might have been just enough to elect the first DFL governor in a couple decades.  An anonymous commenter posted this-

Anonymous said...Thul how did you race go? Oh that is right Representative Kath won by 6% more in 2010 then he did in 2008. Ouch. Get a real job!

Now, I wont lie that losing sucks.  Losing by over 20 points in a conservative year especially sucks.  But given the circumstances of my getting in the race and my inexperience in retail politics, I still hold my head high.  I explained it to an Army buddy thus-getting half way up Mt Everest and having to turn back would be a tough defeat, and you might be tempted to hang your head among the other groups of mountain climbers who made it all the way to the top and back.  But when you get back to your hometown in America, you will probably be one of the few people in your town who ever attempted something that most people don't have the courage or ability to do.

So consider the irony then, of being sniped at for taking a shot at the state legislature by someone without even the courage to leave their name with their insult.

But actually, it gets much better than that.  By tracking the IP address of the commenter, it turns out that the comment came from someone on a state of Minnesota run network in St Paul.  Click to enlarge-

So a state employee spent 29 minutes reading my blog starting at 9:08 this morning, having been redirected there from the Morning Report at Politics in Minnesota, and showed great personal courage by leaving an anonymous insult. 

Your tax dollars at work.

But it does remind me of my favorite bumper sticker.


maxx said...

I wouldn't be surprised if it were this douchebag named Brad S. I'll give you his e-mail via e-mail.

Dave Thul said...

Much appreciated Maxx.