Tuesday, January 18, 2011


In order to put the Legacy Amendment into perspective for the sheer amount of money involved, consider this;

Almost $457 million in Legacy Amendment funding has been sent to Minnesota groups and agencies

Over the 2 years since the money has been flowing, that means about 225 million per year being collected in sales tax revenue.  In comparison, the Vikings stadium, estimated to cost about $750 million for no roof or $900 million for a retractable, could be completely paid for with this amount of money in 3-4 years.

But ironically, after 'assuring our outdoor heritage in Minnesota', sportsmen will still have to fork over more money-hunting and fishing fees are expected to go up.  So you may be able to catch a trophy fish in the future, but only if you can afford a license.

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Tommy Johnson said...

Dave, you realize that the Legacy Amendment was passed at the ballot box by voters, don't you? That the passing of this Amendment reflected the will of the people?