Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Historic honor

Something historic is happening today in Washington DC, something that should be celebrated and something that everyone needs to know about.  For only the second time in my lifetime, a living soldier is being awarded the Medal of Honor.

In October of 2007, in the Korengal province of Afghanistan, SSG Sal Giunta risked his life against overwhelming odds to rescue a wounded soldier that was in danger of being captured by Taliban soldier.  Although doctors were unable to save the wounded soldier, SSG Giunta's bravery saved the soldier from a fate worse than death--being tortured and used as a propaganda victory by the Taliban.

The last Medal of Honor was awarded to a living recipient in 1976, for actions during the Vietnam War in 1972.  Since then, every MOH has been awarded posthumously. 

Some quick facts about the Medal of Honor-

- First established during the Civil War in 1861, there have been 3448 awarded

-Only 1 woman has ever been awarded the Medal of Honor, for actions during the Battle of Bull Run

-There have been 19 double recipients of the Medal of Honor

-The first African American Medal of Honor recipient was a Union Soldier in the 54th Massachusetts Regiment, loosely recreated in the movie Glory

-Military tradition dictates that living Medal of Honor recipients are saluted, regardless of their rank.

-46 Minnesotans have been awarded the Medal of Honor, including 2 from the 1st Minnesota at the Battle of Gettysburg

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