Wednesday, April 28, 2010

USS Cold Blooded Murder

So the Navy is going to grovel to the king of pork barrel spending and name a ship after the one and (I think) only actual ex-Marine.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, who technically is the only person in the government with the power to name U.S. warships, also praised Murtha’s history of service. He unveiled an official illustration showing an amphibious transport dock marked with the hull number “26” named John P. Murtha. It will be the first in the San Antonio class not named for an American city.

The question is, what will the sailors and Marines that are stationed on the ship actually call it?  The USS Kitty Hawk was Battle Cat, The USS Abraham Lincoln is called the Abe, and the USS John Stennis was called the Fighting Reb.  So what will the Murtha be?

What will be the nickname for the USS John P Murtha?
USS Cold Blooded Murder
USS Haditha
USS Abscam
USS Our Dear Jack (as Speaker Pelosi called him)
USS Former Marine
USS Looking For Another Ship Assingment

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Anonymous said...

How about the USS Traitor Jack?