Monday, March 22, 2010

This war is NOT lost

Less than 16 hours after Obamacare was passed, and I have had three seperate phone calls from people around Steele County asking how they can help get Republicans elected this fall.

While Democrats are reveling in their apparent victory this morning, the rest of the country is doing battle damage assessment.  How bad will Obamacare be for me and my family?  For myself, I along with million of other veterans are left to wonder if the VA and/or TriCare will be considered suitable medical coverage under Obamacare.  The VFW doesn't think so.

But before you despair, keep in mind that this battle is not over.  Three things stand out as positives.  First, the legal battles are just beginning.  A federal mandate to purchase something is clearly unconstitutional, and this is a concept that anyone who is not a socialist can easily understand.  Second, the Tea Party movement just got a huge shot in the arm.  'Taxed Enough Already' will be seen hand in hand with 'Kill the Bill' at tea party rallies.  Make your plans now, because the 2nd round of Tax Day Tea Parties is 3 weeks away.  Third, the Republican Party's wave heading into the mid-term elections just became a tsunami.  'He/she voted for socialized healthcare' will be the damning soundbite against every Democrat incumbent.

Sen Harry Reid famously declared in April of 2007 that the Iraq 'war is lost and the surge is not accomplishing anything'.  Anyone who thinks this healthcare battle is over today would be as wrong as Reid was 3 years ago.

This war is not lost.

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