Tuesday, February 02, 2010

My first caucus

My first caucus is done, and now, beer in hand at home, it is a little bit more relaxed.  It was an exciting and interesting night, and I will always get to say that my first caucus was as a caucus coordinator.

Steele County meets all at one location for its 26 precincts.  That means we have everyone together at the start, and then disperse to small rooms for each precinct to meet.  The large group meeting went well, and the introduction of a Powerpoint briefing was well received.  (Ironically, every time a soldier sees a Powerpoint slide he groans in boredom.)

The consensus downside of the night was the reading of candidate letters.  Even interested supporters were bored after hearing the 4th gubernatorial candidates message being read by someone else.  I am making a note in my book right now that any candidate who wants to get their message out in 2012 needs to give me something on video.  Let them bore the caucus goers instead of me.

Anyways, Tom Emmer topped the voting with 50, Marty Seifert got 45, David Hann got 11, and Bill Haas got 2 votes.  So went Steele County. 

After an endorsing convention, a special election, and now a caucus night, it is time for a long night's sleep.

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