Saturday, December 19, 2009

Where is the DFL

Special election update-

The dates are now official for the special election to replace Sen Dick Day.  The GOP endorsing convention will be held on Dec 28th in Faribault, and the general election will be Tuesday, Jan 26th.

As of today, 5 GOP candidates and one Independence Party candidate have come forward to run for the seat.  The DFL?  0.  None.

According to the Owatonna People's Press-

We don't have anybody ready to announce officially.  There are people looking into it-talking with their families and getting prepared.  Early next week someone will announce their candidacy.  A lot of people are thinking about it.

-Vicki Jensen, Steele County DFL Chair

On a possible sign that there is momenteum building on the conservative side of the aisle already, there has been a ton of interest in the Republican nomination, with over 10 possible candidates having expressed serious interest in the campaign.  Waseca mayor Roy Srp has stepped forward to run for the Independence Party nomination.

But there has been no official word on any possible DFl candidates.  Local DFL officials have repeatedly said they are talking to possible contenders but have not given any names.  More interestingly, as the local GOP is preparing an open and exciting endorsing convention, there is no word on how the DFL will choose their candidate, or if in fact the local party or just the state DFL will pick who gets to run.

More details as they become available.

Full disclosure-I am the co-chair for the Steele County BPOU.

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