Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Where is the DFL? part 2

With the announcement of Sen Dick Day's departure from the senate, both DFL and GOP began the process of finding candidates to endorse for a special election, as did the Independence Party.  After the DFL and GOP held their endorsing conventions tonight, the results speak for themselves.

The DFL had one candidate throw his hat in the endorsement ring.  According to sources, only 16 delegates showed up at the DFL convention to cast their votes.

The GOP had 7 candidates vying for the Republican endorsement, and over 100 delegates showed up and voted their preference.

1 vs 7.  16 vs over 100.

If that is not the very definition of momentum, I don't know what is.

In the end, Mike Parry from Waseca was endorsed by the delegates, and now starts the general election phase of this special election.  All of the candidates agreed to abide by the endorsement process, so there should be no need for a primary contest on the GOP side (and since the DFL could only find one candidate, no need for one on their side).  Only the IP is left with the potential of a primary race, and they have only one announced candidate. 

As a BPOU co-chair involved heavily in the candidate search and endorsement process, I have been taking notes on how the process went.  I will pull those notes together in the next few days (after I get some sleep!) and post them.

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