Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Obamacare preview in New York

In an scary preview of what medical care will be like under Obamacare, two New York City emergency medical technicians refused to treat a pregnant woman who had collapsed in a coffee shop--

--because the EMT's were in break.

The baby, reportedly several months premature, did not survive.

This is exactly the scenario that has conservatives (along with a majority of the country) so opposed to bringing the federal government into managing our healthcare.
Witnesses said the EMTs told employees at the eatery in downtown Brooklyn to call 911 and then left when they were asked to help Eutisha Revee Rennix, an employee who had collapsed. An ambulance was called, and Rennix, 25, was taken to Long Island College Hospital, where she died a short time later. Her baby girl was too premature to survive.
The New York City Fire Department suspended Jason Green, a six-year veteran, and Melissa Jackson, a four-year veteran, without pay while the Dec. 9 incident is investigated, spokesman Steve Ritea said.
This is all too familiar to the stories that have been highlighted out of Canada and the UK, where there is no incentive for doctors to do any more than is required. Health care meet DMV.

If the left truly beleives that 'healthcare is a right', as so many liberals saying today while advocating for Obamacare, then clearly we should see the ACLU sue the EMT's on behalf of this young woman for violating her right to healthcare. I wont hold my breath.

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